Her Raven-like hair,

eyes like an Eagle,

and Dove like demeanour,

caught his eyes.


Like a Mockingbird,

he mimics Romeo,

and with a voice sweet as a Nightingale’s,

he sings the songs of our time.


“Rosalind”, he seems to breathe,

as she goes out of reach,

taking away his freedom of speech,

and a heart sounding like a blue jay’s screech.


© Shy

Berlin: A city with History

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When the sun decides to shine in Hamburg…

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The Petronas Twin Towers, standing tall in all its beauty

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‘Gratitude’ is a simple attitude,

Which when merely allude,

Lifts thoughts to an altitude,

Causing alteration in amplitude.


With change in magnitude,

Occurs miraculous shift in mood,

Suddenly the Universe’s verisimilitude,

Opens doors to more Gratitude.



Journeying through the sands,

Past and Future making amends,

Often plans had to be bent,

Walking until the end.


Along came a friend,

Extending a helping hand,

And as easy as one to ten,

We wandered in this foreign land.


© Shy

For as long as I’ve known,

For as long as I’ve believed,

My soul was in search of you.


When, where or how?

These did not matter,

My soul knew I’d find you.


I grew restless, I grew hopeless,

Sometimes I’d even give up,

But my soul knew.


My soul believed in you,

And my soul kept looking for you,

Regardless of who you were.


Then on one winter,

My soul and I finally met you,

And from that moment on, we knew…



Waves crashing over the sand,

Looking at the horizon,

“Oh boy, what have I done?”,

thought the man.


He stood still,

Sadness overtaking his soul,

He had lost his thrill,

For gone was she who made him whole.



Winter came,

Dressed in white,

Emerged through the light,

And gracefully flickered the flame.


Autumn, adjusting her crown,

Known to be more laid back,

Decided it was time to relax,

And so, she let her hair down.


Summer danced with joy,

Spreading her warmth,

With the golden child in her arms,

Looking as beautiful as Helen of Troy.


Spring, dressed in green,

Excited for a new beginning,

And as sweet as sixteen,

Gave Hope another meaning.



My Twin,

Here lies,

Cold is the wind,

Oh fragile butterfly…


My Twin,

Here rests,

Quiet it has been,

In peace at last…