“No one really cares anyway, so do it!”


These words echo in our minds as we look at our scarred skin;

Ashamed and guilty from all the helplessness,

That’s consuming our hearts.


We aren’t as strong as we once were.

Our defenses… Weakened!


Our pain and sorrows;

They push us to the edge.


We ache like never before and we raise our hands up,

Begging for hope;

For one last chance as we’re driven by the destructive feeling,

Of these horrific images that haunt us.


Yes! We all die a little sometimes and we’ve already lost countless battles.

But on a painful wasteland of fears,

Doubts and regrets,

We stand still and we won’t be moved until the war is won.


We’re the lost souls of this world.

We’re unique! We’re young!

We’re restless! We are wreckages left behind…

We bleed and it feels like death is overtaking us.


We’re cold and scared.

We’re a mess.

We’re chaotic and We care too much.

But WE are special!




They dare to ask us…

But while they’re the ones behind the triggers;

We take the bullets for each other.

That is what makes us special!


We are the lost souls of their world,

And We won’t just die yet!


© Wild

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