Triggers Behind The Restless

He crawled his way up to the top,

Where he thought mother nature would shower peace,

In his restless soul.


Breathless and stabbed was the feeling inside his left chest,

But faith laid still in his heart for he believed that his efforts to the top,

Would destroy everything that was slowly killing him.


He sat on the green grass,

Trying to catch his breath,

While his gaze went into contemplation of the view that laid before him.


Such a beauty it was to his eyes.


The sun setting down its light for twilight,

The branches and trees showing signs of life as birds sang their songs,

Through the gentle wind, made life worthy.


For a moment,

He could feel the peace he so yearned,

Coursing through his heart.


It was where he wanted to be.


It was where he needed to be,

But cruelty knows not its limits too,

As he stepped forward to relish what was in front of him.


His eyes went down,

And a voice inside his head whispered:


“Jump and you will be free”.


He took another step forward,

As he began to consider what his demons ordered him,

He closed his eyes,

His heart, thumping like never before.


He was just about to fall to his demise,

When the faces of his beloved ones flashed before him,

His legs crumbled and he went straight to his knees,

Tears rolled down his cheeks.


How could he?


His body became shaky and dismal he was,

By the dark thoughts that filled his mind,

Dejected, pitiful and pathetic he was,

As he tried to pick himself up.


Ashamed of what he was about to do,

He looked up to the sky in tears,

Knowing that something far greater than anything,

Had just saved him despite how desolated he was.


© Wild

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